Alliance of Youth Mission Ministries (AOYMM)

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The Alliance of Youth Mission Ministries (AOYMM) gives the following descriptive information:

Alliance of Youth Mission Ministries is a body of Christian believers who walk and live by our faith in God. We are determined to fulfill God's call for active missionary ministry work by knowing and understanding our divine purpose. Your prayers, support and contributions are the keys to our growth.

Mission:  To provide a safe haven where youth who are disadvantaged, displaced and homeless can work on the process of healing their mental, spiritual, and physical being.

Incorporated in 2012, AOYMM is a 501 (c) (3) Interfaith Ministry Group that provides services to the displaced, disadvantaged, and homeless of all cultures and religions.

Devastated by the heavily saturated homeless population that she observed during her travels throughout the United States, in 1997 the organization's founder, Earnestine Jones began to concentrate on a means to an end to her disturbance about the homeless situation, especially with the war veterans. Armed with a conviction and passion to make a difference that would positively impact the lives of other, in 1997 Mr. Brown began to develop a plan for a solution that would help bridge a humanitarian gap between the community, the homeless and the disabled veterans. In 1998, she birthed the “Basic Family Concept” - a simple but effective concept of providing a family environment, whereby homeless veterans would function as a family, live in a home style environment and be given an opportunity to work on the process of healing their mental, spiritual and physical being.

The organization which provided housing services to the disadvantaged, homeless and displaced vets opened The Dillard House located at 3040 North 22nd Street in 2012. This Mission House for Independent Living expanded its services to include assistance in applying for SSI Benefits, Veteran's Benefits, Program Referrals, a Food Bank, Clothing Bank, and Counseling. The program also provides over 90 nutritious meals each day.

Over the years, “the Basic Family Concept” was tweaked and evaluated and in 2005 Ms. Brown realized that this same concept can afford orphans and foster children who were aging out of foster care, the enjoyment and benefits of being a part of a family unit during times of the highest vulnerability - their 18th birthday – the time of transiting from youth to adulthood. Alliance of Youth Mission Ministries was birthed out of this concept – the Motto - “Youth Reaching Youth Through Mission Ministries”.

In 2014, the organization acquired The Francis House, a 48-room facility that accommodates 60 persons.

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