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Promote Mutual Understanding, Mutual Respect and Mutual Learning

Our mission is to promote America's diverse cultural heritage by collecting, preserving, and sharing American Chinese history, culture and art, serve as a center for research and learning, and inspire and connect audiences with American Chinese experiences, with a goal to promote mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual learning, between people of all backgrounds.

The American Chinese Museum will be an integral asset of the national cultural landscape that makes a meaningful impact on people's lives.

"Every cultural relic treasured in the museum has life and temperature," writes Jason Lam, founder of the museum. "Silently they recorded the passage of time, but also recorded the changes of The Times. They have lived longer than us, and we also hope that they will remain, seen and appreciated from generation to generation, to the Chinese immigrants, to the beautiful country we live in, the United States, with the inspiration of strength and cohesion."

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the museum's About Us page.

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