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Sex Education / Author / Tantra Wisdom

Anita DeFrancesco, M.A. Founder, Tantra Wisdom. Modern Sex & Relationship Coach, Somatic Psychotherapist, Author of “Live Free” & “The Donna Gentile Story.” Podcast:Mindfulness-Sexuality-Relationships. A visionary leader with an insightful wisdom in the areas of self empowerment, self discovery, and transformation.

  • I have a history of profound experiences that I call “awakenings”. They began as far back as the womb. I learned to cultivate self love which brought me closer to my own feelings and the relationship to myself.
  • As a result of my awakenings I embarked upon a journey that led me to understand why people suffer and that when one suffers we all suffer. I took charge and became the hero of my own life of which I created a dynamic, passionate, sexual and liberated woman who celebrates every moment of life. A master of liberating feelings; I have a unique healing presence obtained from my own rich life experiences. I teach the power of love and how loving myself healed me from sickness, prejudice, politics and abuse.
  • At the age of nine I experienced another awakening whereby I was hospitalized for six months with rheumatic fever. Being alone and away from home confined to a bed without privileges, I learned to open my heart to my own feelings, cultivate wisdom and develop a self relationship. As the only white child among African American children I learned that love goes beyond race. This experience made me realize if my heart isn’t open how can I love. My first tantra lesson. It was tantra that healed me, not medicine. Later when I was just 16 I was awarded state grants for a highschool drug free program I started called RAP. It had a profound impact on helping students walk away from the drug culture.
  • Anita has been leading workshops bicoastally for the last 20 years. Facebook Group Tantra Wisdom.


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