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Art Sanctuary introduces itself with the line, "Our mission is to use the power of Black Art to transform individuals, create and build community and foster cultural understanding," and gives the following descriptive information:

Art Sanctuary is dedicated to bringing Philadelphians together through the unique community-building power of black art. We celebrate diversity passionately, understanding the unparalleled strength we gain by embracing our cultural differences.

We use this strength to provide opportunities where they do not yet exist; when Philadelphia schools are underfunded and inner city neighborhoods underserved, Art Sanctuary sees possibilities and works to bring them to life through the transformative influence of black art in the community.

Art Sanctuary is just that; we’ve worked tirelessly to build a safe place for creative expression and development of not just the community, but the self. We believe this sanctuary transcends physical space, and that the idea of “home” is one we carry with us. Home is a place that is welcome to all, and shaped by the relationships which inspire us.

Celebration of Black Arts Festival

  • One of the oldest and most prominent events of its kind, Celebration of Black Arts draws attendees from far and wide to join Art Sanctuary for a month of celebration!
  • The festival has grown from a 1-day gathering of authors and intellects to a month-long festival with thousands of participants!
  • Our festival reaches deep into the community and far across the nation, curating the best talent and presenters to share their passion and showcase their works!
  • From an outdoor festival to author readings, workshops to live performances and an awards show - there's something for everyone!

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