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The Ballroom Bliss performance of Rebecca and Brian.

Ballroom Bliss offers a personalized twist on traditional ballroom dance instruction. With decades of combined experience, we are the only studio in town that specializes in preparing novice dancers for their big day. Catered to your personal taste and abilities, we’ll help you come up with a first dance that is uniquely you.

The company was founded in 2011 as a partner dance division of Philly Dance Fitness. Students who were frustrated with rigid protocols and expensive packages at other studios began asking for help preparing for their first dance. Thus, a sister company was formed with the same values as Philly Dance Fitness: flexible, fun, affordable and beginner-friendly options for anyone wanting to learn social dance. But we especially love the opportunity to bring engaged couples together on the dance floor!

No matter what experience you have, we’ll help you feel comfortable moving to the music. In addition to ballroom basics and partnering skills, we offer custom choreography services. Whether you want to do an elegant waltz, an upbeat swing or a ballroom/hip-hop mashup, we can create a routine that perfectly compliments your music, abilities and personalities.

Our instructors are trained in a myriad of styles, so we can find the best moves to match any song. Just a few of the styles we teach include: waltz, foxtrot, tango, rhumba, salsa, bachata, swing, cha cha, and Lindy hop. If we don’t have an instructor with a strong background in what you’re looking for, we’ll refer you to someone else who does. Most importantly, we’ll make the learning experience fun!

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the company's About page.


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