Balthazar Paul Spreng

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Balthazar Paul Spreng.

Retired Pot Grower/Dealer, Incarcerated 7 Yrs, Artist, Mystic, Yogi, Landlord & Pervert of the Absurd

Mr. Balthazar Paul Spreng's Facebook page lists his professional skills as "Artist, Tarot card reader, yogi". It says he graduated Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1970 and has been an artist his whole life. Under "About", Mr. Spreng writes, "Right now working on a palace for yogas [sic] in the home I live in. To finish the Great Work is my Dharma path (books on the Tarot, magic, etc., and illustrate them)."

Note:  The tagline above this Facebook descriptive information came from Wikidelphia editor Stan.


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