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Becker & Frondorf introduces itself using the phrase "project management + cost estimating" and gives the following descriptive information:

Project Management

  • We help you navigate a complex process by bringing leadership, experience, and collaboration to your important construction project.
  • As the Owner’s Representative, we advocate on your behalf and lead the project team towards success.
  • As an extension of the owner’s staff, we provide comprehensive Project Management for all project teams to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended.
  • Our innovative methodology encourages designers, contractors, and vendors to actively engage and collaborate with each other to achieve the owners’ quality, cost, and schedule objectives.
  • We are the conductor of this orchestra.

Cost Estimating

  • Our cost consulting approach includes an ongoing working relationship with the project team.
  • In this way our Cost Estimators continuously monitor design decisions that affect cost, and inform the project team of the impact of such decisions at the earliest possible time.
  • In addition, we make every effort to understand the project design intent in order to foresee cost implications, rather than simply to react to a finished design.
  • Of course, we provide comprehensive Pre-construction Cost Estimates at specific milestones such as Schematic Design or Design Development.
  • We anticipate construction cost items that are not necessarily shown on early design drawings.
  • All of our estimates are based on quantity survey, at least to the level of detail consistent with the documents.
  • Because we work so closely with the project team, and because of our technical expertise, we include costs for building elements even if they have not yet been drawn.
  • We offer each of our clients a record of service and accuracy.
  • Perhaps the best evidence of the success of our approach is our extraordinary number of repeat clients.

The firm also says:

  • Based in Philadelphia, we have completed Project Management assignments in twenty states and have provided Cost Estimates for clients in forty states, Central America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Our size gives us the flexibility to tackle a wide range of projects over a big footprint.

Editor's Note

This firm is coordinating the redevelopment of the Uptown business tower on North Broad Street as part of the overall renovation of the Uptown Theater.

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