Bhutanese American Organization of Philadelphia (BAOP)

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A local photo from the Bhutanese American Organization of Philadelphia website.

Renewed Hope and Optimism

Bhutanese American Organization-Philadelphia is a very young but extremely committed and vibrant community Organization established in 2013 to serve the newly resettled Bhutanese community in Philadelphia area. The organization received its 501(C) 3 tax exempt not-for-profit status in May 2014.

BAO-P is committed to empowering the Bhutanese community in Philadelphia in all aspects of development: employment, education, cultural integration and citizenship and it envisions a self-sufficient, progressive, and productive community that contributes to nation building.

BAOP aspires to be constructive and meaningful partner to the existing mainstream organizations and institutions, local and federal government in the process of achieving the targeted mission and is highly indebted to all individuals, organizations and institutions and government machineries who showered their personal and professional, moral and physical assistance for the new community and organization to get to its feet.

All the programs offered by BAOP are carried out by highly motivated, culturally and linguistically competent community professionals that abide by the requirements laid out by the funders and the law of the land without discriminating any individual on the ground of color, faith, race or gender.

BAOP welcomes one and all in its endeavor to create a resourceful community, society and peaceful and prosperous nation as a whole.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's home page.

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