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Providing Black and Latinx Founders with Resources and Community to Build Successful Companies without Relying on Venture Capital

Black & Brown Founders was created to change the notion that venture capital funding is required to build a successful company, especially in tech.

We know that “bootstrapping” doesn’t look the same for black and brown founders as it does for others. Money doesn’t flow abundantly into our communities. We don’t typically have people around us to chip into a “friends and family round”, we don’t usually have access to investor networks, and we are often underestimated by investors because we don’t fit the pattern of what they are used to seeing.

Driven to take a different approach, BBFP was born. The goal is to share knowledge and resources within our community, which is frequently ignored by the tech ecosystem, yet known for its ingenuity and resilience.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's About page.

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