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Brad Litwin at work.

Brad Litwin gives the following descriptive information:

These are the works of Bradley N. Litwin, kinetic sculptor, musician, self-made madman. Here, you will find all kinds of mechanical stuff, ranging from the miniscule to pieces that fill a proscenium stage. And, Brad is the inventor and maker of MechaniCards®, an affordable collection of "mechanundras," designed to be mailed, presented as unusual gifts, or just zoning out, while playing with them, on your coffee table.

The original five, mailable kinetic sculptures, hand made by Bradley N. Litwin; primarily paperboard, with few bits of wood, metal, and plastic. Videos below are of the original prototype pieces. All the music on the videos is performed by Bradley, too.

Bradley N. Litwin is a Philadelphia based, multi-discipline artist, born in 1955. Primarily self-trained, his career as an artist has taken a serpentine path through craft, manufacturing, multimedia production, music, and the fine arts. Through it all, he has been making machinery of one kind or another for over thirty-five years.