Bridesburg Community Action Alliance (BCAA)

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As local residents, we will work towards creating and maintaining a quality of life that is, at minimum, reasonably expected, deserved and welcomed by our overall community.

We will strive to ensure a safe environment for all, and advocate for issues like trash, snow removal, vandalism & graffiti, abandoned cars, potholes, and more.

A respectable and thriving business community will be sought after and supported.

Run Zoning Meetings, attend Zoning Hearings at City Hall, and ZBA, that pertains to our community.

Support & Cooperate with our Bridesburg Townwatch.

Our various levels of Government and local representation will be supported when appropriate, monitored routinely and held accountable.

Speaking up on behalf of our residents is the key to our success, therefore, researching issues, distribution of information will be of high priority.

Lastly, but of great significance, is our sense of place. Fostering the feeling of community, enhancing the aesthetics of the neighborhood and providing a place of neighborly information gathering will maintain our focus throughout.

Note:  The above description came from the organization's Facebook home page.

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