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Broad Street Review gives the following descriptive information:

Broad Street Review is an arts and culture commentary website founded in December 2005 by Dan Rottenberg. Judy Weightman served as editor in chief from January 2014 through April 2016, when Wendy Rosenfield took the reins. It’s an Internet forum where interested and knowledgeable people can engage their minds in sophisticated discourse about the arts. We're a site that functions not to promote a point of view but to promote the exchange of viewpoints.

Since its launch in December 2005, Broad Street Review regularly posts essays and reviews in such fields as theater, music, art, dance, books, movies, and more. We welcome reader responses to our posts.

Past contributions are stored in the website’s archive, where they remain instantly accessible.

Regular and occasional contributors include some of Philadelphia’s leading arts critics, but the site is open to anyone who’s knowledgeable and is burning to say something.