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BuildaBridge introduces itself with the line, "Engaging creative people and the transformative power of art making to bring hope and healing to children, families, and communities in the contexts of crisis and poverty," and gives the following descriptive information:

BuildaBridge's mission is twofold: Bring hope and healing through the arts and Engage artists in service to others. In other words, we use the arts to help people in difficult situations to heal from trauma and find hope for their future. Our formula, or basic philosophy, can be summed up: CREATIVE ART-MAKING for KIDS in TOUGH PLACES with ARTIST MENTORS=HOPE AND HEALING. Our motto for all teaching artists and mentors is Speaking a Blessing into the life of the child through the arts.

The primary goals for our programs are to provide children and youth through creative arts experiences:

  1. Healing from trauma due to violence & abuse in order to break the cycle of violence.
  2. Foster healthy development & hope for their future.
  3. Develop academic, social, artistic-expressive skills and that foster spiritual and character development.
  4. Allow development & rehearsal of skills for living as responsible, contributing and empathetic citizens.
  5. Train artists, youth workers, educators and congregational youth leaders in effective arts-based methods for community, family and child transformation.


Editor's Note

The set of Basic Facts is very impressive. ~Stan