Building Channels for Change (Ended Services)

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In January of 2018 this site announced its plan to close...

The political calendar has been taken up by: The People United

Building Channels for Change gives the following descriptive information:
Tools and Resources for Activists

  • Who we are:  A group of concerned volunteers formed in the wake of the 2016 election with the goals of enabling new activists to more easily connect with progressive organizations, and assisting existing organizations with coordinating their efforts.
  • Mission:  To enable people to more easily engage in political and social change by providing tools and resources that facilitate and amplify their involvement in issues that affect their lives.
  • What we do:  We build tools and resources that anyone or any group can use to assist with their activism.  Our first core products include a city-wide directory of progressive organizations; a comprehensive events calendar; and a Philadelphia area newsletter for the social justice and activist community.


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