CCC Trauma & Wellness Definitions

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  1. Collaboration – People with various backgrounds and abilities working together to meet a need in a coordinated fashion.
  2. Community – A group of people who share a common identity
  3. Empowerment - A process that equips people to overcome challenges and obstacles through self-awareness, education, and connections to opportunities of interest.
  4. Equippers – People who possess the knowledge and ability to provide information, lead conversations, and answer questions regarding specific modalities.
  5. Gathering – People coming together for a specific purpose. (Conference, Seminar, community meeting, education, training, therapy, …)
  6. Gathering Places – Places that a specific community finds acceptable to hold gatherings (specific address/building/room, Zoom, MS Teams, or…)
  7. Identity – A way that a person identifies him or herself (Family, Neighborhood, Faith, Personal Interest, Profession/Occupation, Employer, College, High School, Gang, Club, Association,…)
  8. Just Process of Living – Challenges of life separate from the impact of Trauma (such as food, shelter, employment…)
  9. Modalities – Activities that people find helpful for those impacted by trauma.
  10. Methodologies – Various means to accomplish a specific objective.
  11. Outcome – Measurable results documented through data collected before, during, and after gatherings, including participant feedback.
  12. Target Group – Group(s) of people having a common age and experience for which we will uniquely structure programs and marketing methodologies to suit their needs and channels for communication.
  13. Trauma – An event that one experiences directly or indirectly that disrupts a person’s wellbeing (such as health, mind, thoughts, sleep, relationships,…)
  14. Trauma Awareness – Understanding the many ways trauma impacts people, along with the various modalities for treatment.
  15. Wellness – A state where one experiences peace, thankfulness, a positive mindset, and supportive relationships.