Calvary Center for Culture and Community (CCCC)

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The Calvary UMC building in which resides the Calvary Center for Culture and Community.

Bringing the West Philadelphia Community Together

​The Calvary Center for Culture and Community (CCCC) is part of the active community housed in the landmark 1906 Calvary United Methodist Church building at 48th & Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. The Calvary Building, congregation, and Center serve over 5,000 community members yearly, acting as the "town hall" for one of the nation’s most vibrant and diverse communities.

The Calvary Building is home to the local community association, refugee groups, Twelve Step programs, the historic preservation society, art and cultural activities,peace and social justice organizations, educational classes, and several religious congregations.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About page.


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