Camae Ayewa - Moor Mother

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Moor Mother, also known as "Camae Ayewa" and "Moor Mother Goddess".
Moor Mother.

Moor Mother, also known as "Camae Ayewa" and "Moor Mother Goddess", is described by Don Giovanni Records as follows:

A prolific voice in the Philadelphia arts community, Camae has digitally released more than a dozen EPs as MoorMother since 2012. Additionally, she has performed in the punk band, The Mighty Paradocs and is also the co-founder of Rockers! Philly, an event series and festival focused on marginalized artists. More recently, she has been an active member of Black Quantum Futurism Collective, a literary and artistic collaboration with Rasheedah Philips (The Afrofuturist Affair).


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