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Helen Richardson of Career Consciousness.

Career Consciousness introduces itself with the line, "A new way to think about work", and gives the following descriptive information:

Linking Personal Empowerment to Organizational Effectiveness

Career Consciousness is both a philosophy and a consulting firm!

We are career and human resource development partners to businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profits. Our focus is a mindset shift to seeing "Work Is A Relationship" that either gives or takes energy just like any other significant relationship.

With this new perspective, leaders and staff become more self aware, and personally motivated to develop new skills and re-engage with work. This reduces burnout, increases productivity, and sets up a more reciprocal work environment.

Our coaching and training services help individuals, leaders and staff become better communicators, more skilled in conflict management, confident, proactive, accountable for their choices, and ultimately responsible for their own successes. Organizations become more adaptable, collaborative, innovative, productive, and results focused.

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