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Center for Wise Democracy gives the following descriptive information:

We offer social innovations to help "We the People" solve impossible-seeming public issues and spark "wise democracy".

In 1990, Jim Rough began teaching seminars on “Dynamic Facilitation,” a way for people to face difficult issues, be creative together and come together in unity through shifts and breakthroughs. In the seminars, participants practice Dynamic Facilitation in small groups. Often, groups worked to solve impossible-seeming issues from society, like homelessness, wars, taxes, the education system, traffic, health care, environmental degradation, etc. Curiously, no matter what issue was chosen, these groups often experienced the same insight: that this problem is not caused by bad leadership or competitive human nature. More fundamentally, it is caused by our System, how we’ve chosen to organize ourselves.

The organization is based in Port Townsend, Washington.


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