Center on Capitalism and Society

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The Center was formed in 2002 to identify and study the workings of well-functioning modern economies, past and present: how these economies got their dynamism; how the projects to achieve innovations, in rendering existing knowledge insufficient, turned a growing number of jobs into obstacle-surmounting, problem-solving activities; how the uncertainties generated by innovative activity left asset prices more up in the air than they were in the mercantile era; and how the relatively high dynamism of a relatively modern economy impacts employment – in good jobs and not-so-good jobs. Now some observers have pointed to signs that modern economies have lost some of their dynamism – the western continental Europe’s economies after their 30 glorious years of “catch-up” were over and the U.S. economy after its Internet boom was over. So the Center faces the question of what policy measures might best help these economies regain some of their loss in dynamism and what would be justification for such action or for inaction. (From the Mission)


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