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A Litter-Free City Starts With You

Philadelphia is working hard to make a cleaner, lower-waste city for all. As an integral part of that mission, this site provides a dynamic litter index, and brings together the resources and next steps you can take to make a difference and help the City achieve its Zero Waste and litter vision. So whether you’re a resident, small business, or neighborhood school—do your part. Be the one to make zero happen.

The Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet is an interdepartmental effort to continually reduce the waste entering landfills or conventional incinerators, combat litter, and enhance the cleanliness of streets and public spaces. Composed of major City departments and agencies, City Council representatives, community stakeholders, and chaired by the Managing Director’s Office, the Cabinet works through its five subcommittees to make Philadelphia a less littered, lower-waste city.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the program's About the Initiative page.

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