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Where Everybody Has Worth. Where Everyone Belongs.

Since I started CollegeTogether in 2013, more and more Philadelphians are pursing higher education, even as costs and debt loads rise to historic levels. However, graduation rates have remained stagnant and devastatingly low.

We continue to push the same narrative. But we are not getting different results. What is happening is clear: we are undervaluing, ignoring, and overlooking thousands of youth in our city — and millions around the country.

I am tired of this. Our city and country deserve better.

This is why we at CollegeTogether are proud to announce the launch of HospitalityTogether. We are rethinking, redesigning, and redefining higher education — and creating a true and better alternative to traditional college for all who need it.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About Us page.

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