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We offer a virtual career planning tool, the Comfort Career Audit™. We teach our clients to take a realistic look at their existing skills and attitudes, chart the road ahead, and commit to staying on their career exploration journey.

Utilizing the Harrison Assessment™, our clients discover their purpose in life and job(s) they would love. They receive 12 reports that indicate their strengths, weaknesses, interests, talents, skills, motivational level, and leadership capacity. They can analyze 650 jobs (at 7 educational levels). Selecting 10 jobs for greater analysis, this yields Next Step Jobs™ that they research. We help them to match these to today’s workplace opportunities.

● We believe that each person is unique and has their own path and personal journey to their Comfort Job™. We help our clients realistically appraise barriers to employment. We identify those differences that may make their journey more difficult, take more time, or require more resources. Together, we look at MY WAY.