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The Community Center at Visitation gives the following descriptive information:

The Community Center at Visitation is committed to provide a safe place for community outreach, continuous education, and recreation among the diverse cultural communities of Kensington and its surrounding neighborhoods. Serving as a "Beacon of Hope," the Center embraces and celebrates this community with particular regard for nurturing the potential of its youth, senior, and immigrant populations.

Guided by core values of hope, hospitality, community spirit, gospel values, preferential option for the poor, and acknowledged and promotion of the dignity of each person, the Community Center at Visitation provides services that respond to the needs and hopes of a diverse neighborhood. The following are a list of population served and programs offered:

  • Adult Education: Three levels of English as a Second Language (ESL), GED classes, literacy classes, and computer classes are all offered at the CCV.
  • Children and Youth: Youth mentoring, summer camp, and after-school program partnerships are only some of the many ways the CCV accompanies local youth.
  • Community Outreach: Monthly dinners, community meetings, movie nights, nonprofit partnerships, exercise classes, open gym time, and neighborhood festivals help the CCV to form meaningful relationships with local community members.
  • Seniors: Weekly bingo, low-impact exercise groups, and home visits from the CCV staff and volunteers keep the local senior population healthy and engaged.
  • Parish Life: As a partner of both Visitation BVM Parish and School, the CCV supports all parish and school activities through donation of meeting and recreation space and participation in major community events.
  • Sports and Recreation: Basketball and soccer leagues, exercise classes, and open gym times at the CCV help keep the local community active and fit.