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A Modern Look at Computing's Past

The Compuseum at Philadelphia is an interactive museum of hardware and software to be located by the organizing committee. It is envisioned that the museum will feature theaters and multiple galleries of historically relevant digital and computing devices, in addition to showcasing newest technology releases and inventions. The Compuseum's primary gallery is to include a display of sections of the ENIAC, the earliest digital computer created within the University of Pennsylvania and in step-wise fashion, show the march of forward progress.

The mission of the Compuseum is to help the public and the computer industry share information about computing and to raise public awareness of the important role the digital age has played and will continue to play in society. The Compuseum will be a springboard to teach and discuss new and emerging technologies — and their implications — within the context of prior achievement.

Interacting with devices will make learning fun and visitors will have a great family-day-out in an uplifting environment. On display will be the early work environments of teams of computer designers and creators, such as the ENIAC at PENN. The Compuseum hopes to gain praise for its content and interactivity.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the museum's What is the Compuseum? page.

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