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Conservative-Progressive Issues Chart

This is a work in progress. The conservative column is complete and ready to read. The other column isn't really "Progressive" as the ideas are considered to be relatively "Independent" of any particular set of political ideas. More of the Independent column will be filled in time...

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The Chart

Issue Conservative (by JPS) Independent (by SRP)
1. Immigration Immigration is great! But the international trespassing must be stopped, and asylum laws tightened, along with other reforms. Build the wall! Voting rights, American jobs, and economic safety nets are not for aliens. Race is irrelevant: Many of our great Border Patrol officers are brown people. The current state of our immigration laws and practices puts the burden on immigrants and lets the industries and farmers who employ them operate without much restraint. Fixing this imbalance has been exceedingly difficult since the employers have huge political influence and the undocumented workers have practically none. Here's a speech by Ronald Regan about immigrants.

2. Taxation As little as possible. Higher rates can result in lower revenue. The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Government is not the solution to every problem. Let's just fund whatever the government is actually the best at doing. This paper reviews fifteen lessons to be learned from the work of Abba Lerner. These lessons, which fall under the general categories of functional finance and full employment, are as relevant today as they were when they were first put forward some five decades ago.

The abstract:

The Paper's Download Link Is Here:

3. Racism C'mon folks, this is the 21st century. Time to stop looking for a racist or "-phobe" under every bush! We judge people by the content of their character and hire them based on their talents and experience. Slavery was ended by Christians and Republicans. The KKK were Democrats. People who think that slavery doesn't still affect our society today need to spend some time getting to know African Americans to learn how they feel about our present state of race relations.

Perhaps it might help if you try to think what life would be like if you had a big sign attached to your head that says: Since you believe that you are better than me, Degrade Me, Punish Me, Laugh At Me and if you get a chance, Kick me or Kill me, no one will care what you do to me...

In places in Europe prior to the World War, Jews were forced to wear a Jewish star to define their low status in the society... African American's can't remove their star.

Here's a link to an historic speech.

4. The Constitution The Constitution is a work of brilliance. Judges should interpret it as written. If somebody wants to invent new "rights", we have a process for that: constitutional amendment--not judicial activism. This issue finds the "independent" agreeing with the "conservative."

The following is excerpted from the website of Reclaim Democracy.

One of the most severe blows to citizen authority arose out of the 1886 Supreme Court case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad. Though the court did not make a ruling on the question of “corporate personhood,” thanks to misleading notes of a clerk, the decision subsequently was used as precedent to hold that a corporation was a “natural person.” (This story was detailed in “The Theft of Human Rights,” a chapter in Thom Hartmann’s Unequal Protection.)

From that point on, the 14th Amendment, enacted to protect rights of freed slaves, was used routinely to grant corporations constitutional “personhood.” Justices have since struck down hundreds of local, state and federal laws enacted to protect people from corporate harm based on this illegitimate premise. Armed with these “rights,” corporations increased control over resources, jobs, commerce, politicians, judges, and the law.

5. Tradition and Morality Moral relativism is a way for a society to go insane. Biblical and other time-tested principles were made for the survival and flourishing of humanity. What does mankind have in common if everybody invents their own "morality"? [This is a test. If it works, then the text I am writing now will cause this column to expand and balance the other.]
6. LGBT First, always be nice to non-activist individuals. What they do at home or among friends, hey, it's a free country! Live And Let Live. Discrimination is bad, but the dominant definition of the century so far has too broad a scope and thus impinges on certain rights of others. Disagreement is not hate. Sodomy and certain other practices are not only morally wrong but also about as unhealthful as smoking. Decriminalizing it was okay, but don't actively encourage it. Sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) therapies should exist and remain available on a level free market to supply whatever demand there is from people who want change enough to work at it and toward it with safe, competent help. Again, we mean to attack ideas and public figures, not persons.
7. Abortion Abortion is homicide. Perhaps it is justifiable under carefully limited circumstances. It is unacceptable when the baby is developed enough to feel pain. Human life begins at conception, as proven by the fact that the DNA is human from the get-go.
8. Guns The Second Amendment is for citizens, who have a right to self-defense. Gun-free zones are the targets of choice for mass shooters. If a Second American Revolution becomes necessary, it requires an armed populace. Overzealous gun control is a tool of those who crave absolute power.
9. Free Speech Whether speech is unpopular, "offensive", or "hateful", the right to free speech must always be protected. "Political correctness" is the start of Soviet-style repression of thought. Academia, social media, and many professions are cesspools of anti-conservative, anti-Christian viewpoint discrimination.
10. Globalism All citizens of every country ought to believe in and support their country. Real diversity includes the variety of sovereign nations, each pursuing its own interests and culture without interference. Global governance invites global corruption. The U.N. should be reduced to its original peacekeeping function.
11. Education Stick to the basics. Kids need real skills. School choice helps poor children. Pumping more money into public schools is often counterproductive. School has become a leftist, atheist indoctrination camp. Politics should be kept out, or both sides presented equally. Religion should be let back in.
12. Rights Real rights are God-given, not created by law. Too many demands have been aggrandized as "rights". When the phrase "human rights" is made to include every demand, it becomes useless and obsolete.
13. Journalism Journalism is dead. What used to be a newsroom is now populated by activists pretending to be reporters. News and opinion must be separated scrupulously. All sides of the issues must be presented fairly. It's not up to "journalists" to make the world a better place. I agree with the comments shown here by my friend except for the last sentence. Journalists should make every effort to be on top of the issues where the public's health, safety, rights, and prosperity are at stake.
14. Socialism Yes, it has been tried. Many times. It has a proven track record of failure. The examples trotted out by American socialists are merely free-market countries with bigger welfare and higher taxes. Real socialism has murdered 100 million people and counting. "Nazi" is short for "National Socialist". When the State fills a gap in the needs of the people, it ought not be denounced. The "market" has a role to play in society, but so does government. If we gave tax collecting to a private firm, the public would be at the mercy of investors who want to maximize their profit. Public services such as the Social Security system should be the domain of government and not subjected to the whims corporate boards. Health care also should not be denied to people becaue private interests want the gravy.
15. Climate Change Calling somebody a "denier" is not a scientific argument. "Consensus" is not the scientific method. As long as environmentalists refuse to have a real debate, the truth will never be known. In the meantime, let's make sure the U.S. keeps setting a good example of environmental improvement.
16. Wage Gap The so-called gender wage gap does not exist. When you compare people who combine equal work with equal training, equal experience, and equal commitment to the job, the gap disappears. For a better wage, get a higher-wage job or a raise. Women are now graduating college at a higher rate than men.
17. Poverty Progressives pretend to have a monopoly on caring about the poor. Nonsense! We just go about it differently. Progressives rely too much on blaming "the system" and "the rich". Conservative policies make strong economies that give more people the chance to rise. Conservatives give more to charities.
18. Marriage Children fare best, as a rule, when living with their own (biological) mother and father. Divorced, "single parent", and "same-sex" households are sub-optimal. Married people are usually better off economically. When marriage is undervalued and sexual immorality exalted, the nation starts to de-populate.
19. Minimum Wage Wherever sharp increases are forced on employers, hours get cut. Prices rise. People higher up on the pay scale demand raises. Workers get laid off. They get displaced by automation. The best way: (1) Create so many jobs that employers have to raise wages themselves. (2) Rigorously regulate immigration.
20. Income Inequality For examples of income inequality, look at deep-blue places like California, where there are super-rich people and super-poor people, with fewer and fewer in the middle. Progressivism turns the areas it controls into Third World holes, with some living in mansions while others live in cardboard boxes.
21. Healthcare Obamacare has made healthcare less affordable. "Medicare For All" is proven by other countries' experience to lead to substandard care, rationing like World War II, perilously long wait times, waste and inefficiency, and some truly horrific outcomes. Creative free-market thinking holds much more promise.
22. Energy "Renewable" is a lovely idea. But solar and wind power are expensive, intermittent, and cause environmental problems of their own. They can supplement but not replace coal, gas, and nuclear. Electric cars are not a pollution-free solution. Subsidies tend to go to the affluent.
23. Greedy Corporations The HRC's "Corporate Equality Index", for example, had already been showing the great shift of Big Business to the left when the Great Election Theft (attempt?) of 2020 confirmed it. Then, the big corporate media in collusion with other institutional goliaths did their most outrageous cover-up to date. In 2020, minorities voted for Trump more than for any other Republican since 1960, because he brought them less smooth talk and a lot more helpful action. The 2020 red wave in the House was led by women, minorities, veterans. Let's face it: Biden drew the big bucks from Wall Street and the giant banks and then named corporate lobbyists to high positions in his prematurely named Office of the President-Elect. It's conservative laws that the corporations punish states for, and it's insufficiently progressive views aligning with companies' uber-liberal "core values" that workers get punished for expressing. Democrats are the party of the affluent, and the Greedy Corporations problem is in your lap, my "progressive" friends.
24. Corporate Personhood Individuals have God-given rights that no government can grant or take away. As the Declaration of Independence says, persons "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights". It's nonsense to say that a corporation has such rights, because corporations weren't made by the Creator. Entirely artificial, they didn't even exist until relatively recently. Corporations are not people, and money is not speech, but the Supreme Court made up these ideas in order to give new rights to their big money friends.