Concerned Black Men

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CBM Pledge

  • We are Concerned Black Men. Our motto is “Caring for Our Youth.” We are Black Men of integrity who endeavor to exemplify the following characteristics: cultural awareness, economic independence, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual strength. We pledge to develop and instill these qualities in our youth.
  • We pledge to continue the struggle of our ancestors and be positive role models dedicated to community service. We pledge to love, teach, respect and help our youth, and to leave a legacy that establishes a foundation which encourages young people to realize their true potential as future leaders.
  • We pledge that we will promote and honor institutions dedicated to preserving our families and communities. We pledge to nurture and develop our most precious resource ...our youth.

Concerned Black Men works to create an America where:

• Every child has in his or her life a responsible caring adult;
• After-school and summer enrichment programs are available to all young people, not just for children of the wealthy;
• Youths are empowered to change their lives by receiving appropriate and accurate information on health, social and community issues;
• Quality public education is our Nation’s highest priority;
• Teenage parents are the exception, not the norm.