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Contap introduces itself with the line, "A new way to connect, for everyone", and gives the following descriptive information:

Contap is made for everyone: college students, recruiters, business professionals, and more.

Connect Instantly
Simply tap down, and instantly we bring you and your new friend together.

CRM and Document Integration
For the first time ever, you can walk out of a meeting and already everyone you met will automatically be in your CRM.

Customize Exactly What’s Shared
You make the decision on what you share with your new friend: socials, phone, email, websites, documents and more.

View it all from the App
Effortlessly switch between all your social media feeds and call, text, view documents in one place.

Our Team
We are a tightly-knit group of professionals, keen on revolutionizing the way people connect.

How It Works

  • Connect:
    • In Person.
    • By Search.
    • One-Way Share.
    • List Nearby.
    • Invite Friends.
  • Share:
    • Custom Share.
    • Group Shares.
    • Make Changes Anytime.
    • Share Through Dropbox.
    • Send Contacts to CRM.
  • View:
    • Visual Contaps.
    • Quick Switch Between Socials.
    • Integrated Contacts.
    • Call/Text/Email.
    • Everything in One Place.