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Cooks Who Care group photo.

Well-Being Concierge for the Food & Beverage Industry

We create solutions that lead to happier and healthier workplaces by connecting members of our industry with the resources they need to thrive on and off the job.

We are chefs by trade, so we personally know the challenges that people working in the Food & Beverage industry face every day. We started Cooks Who Care because we know just how hard it is to stay healthy in a business that prioritizes long hours, late nights and time away from family. The food industry workforce performs strenuous jobs for low wages, rarely receive health insurance/benefits, and experience higher-than-average incidences of substance dependence and mental health issues. We are actively building a community that uplifts those who are committed to creating positive change.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About page.

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