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Crossroads Women's Center gives the following descriptive information:

Founded by Women Count! - The Crossroads Women’s Center located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, an inner-city neighborhood diverse in race, ethnicity and income. The Center is a grassroots, multi-racial, community-based meeting place where women come together for support, programs, services, information, classes, training, referrals and action on issues of concern to women and our communities.

Counting Women’s Work

Since 1995 Women Count! has monitored the progress (or lack thereof) by governments to implement the decision made by governments at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing to measure and value unwaged work and count its value in “satellite accounts” of the gross domestic product. This was considered by many to be one of the most far-reaching decisions to come out of the Beijing conference.  We provide expert information including speakers to national and international conferences.

We are also concerned about the wages, benefits and working conditions of women in waged work, who earn on average only 72% of men’s wages.  For women of color the situation is even worse: Black women earn 62%, and Hispanic women 52%, of men’s average wage.

Compensation for Rape

Women Count! continues to inform rape survivors and other crime victims, service providers, attorneys, victim advocates and others, about survivors’ right to compensation for their crime-related expenses from the Pennsylvania Crime Victims’ Compensation Board.  We answered requests for information and distributed copies of our publication, Everywoman’s Handbook on Compensation for Rape & Other Crimes in PA.

Pay People to Cook At Home

The home-cooked family meal is often lauded as the solution for problems ranging from obesity to deteriorating health to a decline in civility and morals. Using whole foods to prepare meals without additives and chemicals is the holy grail for today’s advocates of better eating.