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A Cuddle Companions worker listed in Philadelphia.

We are excited to introduce the world to Cuddle Companions. Many people are still scratching there heads at the idea of a platonic cuddling service and we get it, it simply does not exist in most parts of the world. We were first introduced to the idea on a trip to Japan, a truly marvelous culture but very busy and work/career centered. The rest of the world isn't too far behind Japan's busy lifestyle yet we don't have any such service in the west at the moment so it made sense for us to take on this massive project and bring cuddling to the entire world with your help and the power of social media.

People in Japan routinely seek out cuddlers and truly platonic companionship to help them deal with their stress, anxiety, work overload, and just plain loneliness. The success of platonic cuddling in Japan and the great reviews by the people shows us we all need a human touch every now and then to get through the daily grind and promote a healthy path forward and into the future.

Yes, cuddling is extremely healthy and through a lot of research on our part we've learned that there is literally nothing healthier than the human touch and the companionship of another person, no diets and no exercise can make a human being feel happier, loved, confident, and accepted like touch therapy. Stress is the ultimate killer and cuddling is the tool we'll use to subdue that killer and allow the body to start its natural healing process. We still have a lot to learn and so much more to teach everyone about everything Cuddling and Companions while provide our service and that's what we're all about.

Cuddling is for everyone, no discrimination and no rejection, just a pure human connection that's been missing in our modern world and societies for far too long now. We are sure you'll find Cuddle Companions to be unique, simple, honest, and unlike any companion or cuddling service before us.

Notes:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Our Vision and Goals page. This organization has its headquarters in Rowland Heights, California.