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CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia introduces itself as "Providing affordable shared management resources to the arts, heritage, and creative communities of Greater Philadelphia."

  • CultureWorks is a beneficiary supported common good corporation, which means we are predominantly supported by earned revenues from individual culture workers and organizations that we support.
  • We are a platform for sharing space, technology, and expert human resources—“rented” out in different packages and portions—much like a co-op. We raise philanthropic funds only for true capital investment in the development of new programs or services, not ongoing operations. Our four programs—Prep, Cowork, Venture, and Trust—all support themselves individually and backstop each other against unexpected bumps in the road, making us very resilient. Sharing human, space, and technological resources internally across our programs and within our membership allows us to provide holistic support at affordable rates.
  • Our community supports individual artists, curators, and producers in all fields including music, dance, theatre, visual arts, design, architecture, film and other media (as well as disciplines and hybrids yet-to-be-named). We also support the history and heritage community: museums, historic sites, collections, libraries, journalism, and the humanities, making us one of the most multi-disciplinary organizations in the region.
  • We were organized in 2010 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our geographic reach is throughout the tri-state metropolitan region. If you can get to us (or we to you) for a meeting within an hour or so, we can have a relationship. Unlike many technology-based companies today, the value we offer is not delivered online or at arm’s length. We believe that problems are best solved locally, face-to-face, by people with a thirst for solutions, boundless imagination, and deep knowledge of the landscape.


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