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Dawn's Place introduces itself with the line, "Stop Modern Day Slavery", and gives the following descriptive information:

Dawn's Place is a residential, 501(c) 3 non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. For the safety of our residents, our exact location is undisclosed. We are governed by a dedicated board of directors, cared for by professional staff, and assisted by active and committed volunteers. Dawn's Place is unique in that our program helps both foreign born and American women who have been victimized by Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE), commonly known as "sex trafficking" or slavery.

Dawn's Place works to improve the lives of women trapped by, or at risk for, CSE by providing housing, trauma recovery services, vocational training and other services. We also raise awareness of CSE via education, prevention, public policy reform and community collaborations.

Our residents come to us with various backgrounds often including: incarceration, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, insufficient medical care, poor nutrition, and separation or estrangement from family and country of origin. Through our residential program, the women can receive the important social enhancement, life skills, therapeutic and educational services necessary for their recovery after escaping a dangerous life of exploitation or slavery.

Women are referred to our program by various agencies. Women may also refer themselves directly.