Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN)

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A Delaware Riverkeeper Network background image.

Established in 1988 upon the appointment of the Delaware Riverkeeper, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization. DRN's professional staff and volunteers work throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed. We also work throughout the four states that comprise the Watershed -- including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York -- and at the federal level on the issues, actions, regulations, legislation, policies, programs and decisions that impact the health of our Delaware River Watershed waterways and our ability to protect and restore them for the benefit of all.

DRN's For The Generations Initiative is a nationwide effort designed to help advance constitutional rights to pure water, clean air and a healthy environment, understanding that only by advancing this call for protection throughout our four watershed states, across the nation and at the federal level will we be able to achieve the highest level of environmental protection we all need, deserve and are entitled to.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Who We Are page.

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