Digital On-Ramps (DOR)

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Digital On-Ramps (DOR) gives the following descriptive information:

Digital On-Ramps is the collaborative effort of a network of agencies and employers committed to improving the system of training and workforce services in Philadelphia. Digital On-Ramps places learners and jobseekers at the center of the system, and through appropriate technologies strives to connect them with personally relevant programs, resources, and employment opportunities.

  • Collaboration:  DOR is an innovative city-wide collaborative that builds free online tools to help Philadelphians increase recognition of their skills and accomplishments.
  • Careers:  Our mission is to help Philadelphians successfully transition through education and training into meaningful career advancement, with fewer obstacles.
  • Capacity Building:  DOR works with educators, trainers, service providers, and employers to build capacity by connecting them with like minded programs, providing them with innovative tools, and technical assistance to grow their current programs.

This organization is part of LRNG: Philly, which is part of LRNG, which is part of Collective Shift.

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