Educational Advocates Reaching Today's Hardworking Students, Inc. (EARTHS)

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​Educating Children, Engaging Families & Empowering Communities

We Are Family Engagement!

The EARTHS was organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our mission has been to offer programs and services that educate children, engage families and empower communities. Our vision is to see low income communities actively engaged in the academic performance of youth. Our educational philosophy is, "All children can and will learn when caring adults teach them!"

Our Positive Peer Program provides service learning credits to high school students who tutor elementary and middle school students.

Our partnership with Women's Christian Alliance, PARENT POWER and Let's Read Math has successfully brought low-income families together to discover the joy of reading and doing math.

Our Parents 'R' Equal Partners Program (PREP) builds effective home and school partnerships between parents, family and community members.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's home page and its Mission page.