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The Elise Joseph Foundation gives the following descriptive information: EJF was founded in May 2005, as a 501C(3), by Marie Rosemonde Joseph, MEd, RN, a Haitian-American nurse, Gilda Jean-Louis, MA, MDiv (c), missionary to Haiti and Wendy Cadet Owe, director of Ebony Arts Gallery.

Services for Haitian-Americans & People in Haiti

  • The EJF is a 501c3, non-profit community service organization located in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Elise Joseph Foundation team strives to primarily assist French/Haitian-Creole, Caribbean, and other immigrant families to realize their educational goals to learn and speak English as a pathway to secure employment, U.S. citizenship, access to legal, health, and computer services.
  • The founders initially felt called during a missionary visit in August 2004. During the visit, Marie provided free consultation for the street merchants in the town where their grandmother and great grandmother were street merchants. Gilda documented the health conditions of these merchants and distributed humanitarian supplies that were donated by various supporters. Marie, a nurse educator and co-founder of the Haitian Nurses Association of Boston, also launched a health promotion through the Future Haitian Nurse Youth Program with the assistance of Wendy Cadet Owe. The program served 60 youth and young adults and was sponsored by the Archdiocese and the Department of Social Services of Haiti. Although Marie Joseph lost her battle with cancer and passed away in October 2005, the legacy lives on and will be carried by the Board of Directors of the foundation.


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