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The 1853 New York Crystal Palace, the subject of one of Emily Esten's digital projects.

Digital Humanities Projects for the Public

I am a digital scholar, a public humanities practitioner, and public historian.

Hi, My name is Emily Esten, and I’m currently the Judaica Digital Humanities Project Coordinator at Penn Libraries as well as Social Media Editor & Site Designer for Contingent Magazine</u/.

I’m interested in technology and communities, especially as it relates to public humanities work. I want to build innovative digital projects with cultural institutions that engage audiences with objects, stories, and ideas. My passion is for collaborating on public projects that think critically about audience, content, and use of technology.

Broadly speaking, I’m interested in digital humanities, public history, public humanities, and digital culture. Check out the rest of my site to learn about the projects I’ve worked on and the organizations with which I’ve collaborated.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from her home page.