Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)

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Each year, ECA accomplishes the following for low income families in Philadelphia:

  • Weatherizes approximately 400 homes.
  • Repairs or replaces 5,000 heaters.
  • Provides energy counseling and utility bill payment assistance for more than 6,000 families through our 15 Neighborhood Energy Centers.
  • Conducts do-it-yourself home weatherization workshops for 2,000 families.

Each year, through ECA's nationally accredited IREC, ESCO, EPA, and American Red Cross programs, we train and credential 500 men and women, including veterans and returning citizens, whose diversity reflects the city we serve, for high demand, clean energy careers with a bright future. These include: BPI Building Energy Analyst, BPI WHASI, Solar Installer, Commercial HVAC, EPA Lead Safety, and OSHA 10.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's About page.

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