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Esperanza Workforce Development gives the following descriptive information:

Esperanza Workforce Development aims to strengthen Hispanic families by helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency. Esperanza’s workforce development programs equip people with job readiness skills they need to find and keep employment, and to develop sustainable income levels.

EARN Center

Since 2007, Esperanza has received state government funding to operate the Employment Advancement and Retention Network Center (EARN), the standard model in Pennsylvania for helping welfare recipients enter or re-enter the workforce. Through a combination of intake and assessment, case management, job skills instruction, and job search assistance, Esperanza supports its clients as they take steps forward in their career paths.


The EARN Center serves over 2,500 people per year. For 4 years it was the highest performing of all EARN Centers in Philadelphia, in terms of getting people jobs and helping them keep those jobs. Clients who succeed in finding employment through the program start at an average wage of $9.00 per hour, and 74% of clients who find employment keep their jobs for 6 months or longer. Clients face significant challenges. For example, the average literacy level of clients upon entering the program is between 4th and 5th grade, and 98% of clients are single parents.