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ExCITe Center.

The Drexel University ExCITe Center (Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies Center) gives the following descriptive information:

The ExCITe Center is a core component of Drexel University's strategic plan for research innovation, pursuing a unique mission of constructive disruption of traditional aspects of the Academy: research, education, and engagement with community. We employ a novel multidisciplinary approach bringing together design, technology, and entrepreneurship in pursuit of this mission, enabling new opportunities for discovery, disruption, and innovation.

The core principles of ExCITe are:

  • Collaboration is essential for innovation.
  • A diversity of perspectives provides a relentless source of creativity.
  • Everyone is creative. Everyone is an innovator.
  • Aspiring to the highest standards lays the foundation for the greatest work.

In support of these principles, the ExCITe Center hosts a range of multidisciplinary research groups, teams, and projects. We seek to maintain an environment encouraging the serendipitous exchange of knowledge and ideas that lead to the formation of new connections, inspirations, and collaborations.

The Center brings into proximity Drexel faculty and students whose work exemplifies a diversity of perspectives, leading others to embrace multidisciplinary collaboration. ExCITe programs include participants from engineering, fashion design, digital media, healthcare, performing arts, computer and information science, product design, and many other fields. The academic activities of the ExCITe Center emphasize the arts-integrated approach of STEAM* [vs. traditional STEM]. Furthermore, ExCITe serves to connect knowledge and resources across Philadelphia through civic, arts and culture, and industry partnerships with other institutions and organizations in the region.

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