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Fair Trade Philadelphia is a group of citizens who have come together to promote Fair Trade in City of Philadelphia. They hold events, host fair trade sales, run campaigns, and promote fair trade products in Philadelphia retail stores.

Meetings are every third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. Email info@fairtradephiladelphia.org for the location.

Fair Trade Town Campaign

A national organization called Fair Trade Campaigns certifies towns and cities as "Fair Trade Towns" if they meet the following five criteria:

  • A certain number of retail organizations that serve at least two fair trade products (based on population)
  • A certain number of community organizations that serve fair trade products (based on population)
  • Media attention about fair trade
  • Passing of a resolution by city government
  • A team of people dedicated to the cause

Currently, Fair Trade Philadelphia has collected all 62 retail locations required for the retail requirement. They are working on identifying community organizations, which include offices, schools and places for worship, where at least one Fair trade product is being used. The exact count of how many community organizationst hey have and how many more are needed can be found on the offices/organizations page of thier website.

Their official campaign page, as registered with Fair Trade Campaigns, can be found here.

If your office or organization serves fair trade products, or you would like help encouraging your office/organization to offer fair trade, please contact Fair Trade Philadelphia at info@fairtradephiladelphia.org. 

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a certification system. There are several guarantees that come with a fair trade certified product. Some include:

  • fair wages for the workers
  • good environmental practices during manufacturing
  • no child labor
  • no harmful working conditions/sweatshop labor
  • education for children
  • healthcare for employees and their families
  • women empowerment
  • business transparency

The main certifying body in the United States is Fair Trade USA