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A Fishadelphia student-worker with a customer.

We Are Running a Community Seafood Buyers Club

Fishadelphia is a community seafood program based in Philadelphia.

Fishadelphia connects communities: we bring high quality, fresh seafood from regional harvesters and processors to economically and culturally diverse consumers at reasonable prices. Fishadelphia's day-to-day operations are planned and coordinated by a group of high school students at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus in South Philadelphia and Simon Gratz Mastery Charter in North Philadelphia.

Our goals are:

  • Everyone has access to delicious and affordable seafood.
  • Our customers know where their food comes from and how to care for it.
  • Our harvesters and processors make a good living.
  • We support sustainable harvest of seafood.
  • We promote connection, understanding, and solidarity between and within eating and fishing communities.
  • We act as a model and inspiration for other youth-oriented work.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the program's Fishadelphia's Mission page.

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