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The Hospitality Solution for Food Waste in Philadelphia

Abbe Stern started rescuing leftover bread from banquet events at the Rittenhouse Hotel in May of 2018. She saw the amount of food being thrown away after large events and wanted to do something about it. Everyday Abbe would make her rounds around the hotel, collect the leftover bread, and would bring it to Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission who would serve it to their population of in-need Philadelphians.

The process was working but Abbe couldn't help but think that more could be done, and if the Rittenhouse had excess food that other local restaurants and hotels would have the same problem. After reaching out to neighboring restaurants and hotels to see if they wanted their excess food to be rescued, she found more donors she connected with local food rescue organizations to create pickup routes. The routes were meant to create reoccurring pickups that would alleviate the donor from having to request a pickup, and to make the rescue process seamless and easy.

Abbe's goal is to make Philadelphia a zero food-waste city, and thanks to the help of Fooding Forward's donors, recipients, and rescue partners, that goal is becoming a reality.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's Abbe page.

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