Freedom Day to Support Local Small Businesses

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In an effort to support small local businesses during this time when many have been forced to close (for our safety and theirs) I would like to encourage anyone local to Philadelphia to participate in Freedom Day.

Email me to let me know your favorite store, or how we can buy gift cards for your store.

Before Freedom Day (date to be announced), purchase gift cards from local businesses. Many of these business will have little to no cash flow during this time, so buying gift cards now will be a huge help. I have begun a list at the bottom of this post, but your suggestions for more are welcome.

Want to add your favorite local store? Please comment or email me with a link to where we can purchase gift cards from your favorite local business and I will add it to this site. If those stores are still open and doing curbside service or deliver, let me know that as well. I would love to see this list grow huge with stores all over the Philadelphia area.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the initiative's home page.

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