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This lovely view is brought to you by the Friends of Pastorius Park.

The Friends of Pastorius Park was established in 1987, as a non-profit, volunteer organization, devoted to maintaining the park as it was originally designed to be: a passive, multi-use green space, to be used by individual park goers as such, and in compliance with City rules and regulations.

FoPP’s role is one of stewardship and care for Pastorius Park’s landscape and assets. Our organization is committed to making the park a safe and enjoyable experience for all. FoPP has proved this repeatedly for years, through tree and pond maintenance, as well as masonry repair and renovation of the warming hut.

In summer of 2016, FoPP replaced the wood and hardware on the park’s benches, also resetting all the memorial plaques. Spring 2017 saw FoPP involved (with both funding and volunteer workers) in the restoration and maintenance of the park’s water system, in collaboration with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department (PPR).

Most recently, in spring 2021, FoPP restored the park’s amphitheater, replacing tired and degraded hedges with native plants, and installed flanking perimeter planting beds true to the original Frederick Peck design of the park, in the ‘Wissahickon’ style, with broadleaf evergreens, and flowering shrubs and trees. FoPP funds all its improvements and repairs at Pastorius Park with tax-deductible donations and membership fees from the community.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the organization's home page.

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