Getting People to Get Along, Even When They Disagree

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An article about seeing opposing points of view through book readings

The article leads to a Blog by the author where he discusses various aspects of economics. The key post in his blog (as far as this article is concerned) is a list of the books he assigns to a small, select group of Harvard students enrolled in a 13-week seminar course he describes as a "book club."

"The course has the anodyne title “The Economist’s View of the World,” but its purpose is subversive. The goal is to help my students understand and even appreciate the perspectives of those with whom they vehemently disagree." (from the article)
"This year’s seminar met for the first time just a few days ago, but from experience, I can predict what will happen in the coming weeks. During their first term of college, students are especially open to new ideas and new friends. Debating personal perspectives with a small group of peers over 13 weeks won’t necessarily change anyone’s mind, but it will cement friendships among students with opposing points of view. The tolerance and comity learned from those friendships can last a lifetime.
In a small way, it can make the world a better place. If you want to participate, find a friend with whom you often disagree and read along with us. The full list of seminar books is posted on my blog."