Glen Fern

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Glen Fern.

Glen Fern is a remarkable 18th century estate house located at the end of a cul-de-sac deep in the woods of Fairmount Park next to the Wissahickon Creek. Built in 1747, Glen Fern was the home Thomas Livezey and his family. As he wrote in a poem in 1756, Thomas Livezey loved this site for its beauty and nature:

"Near Wissahickon's mossy banks, where perling fountains glide, Beneath the spruce’s shady boughs and laurels blooming pride, Where little fishes sport and play, diverting to the sight, Whilst all the warbling winged race, afford the ear delight, Here’s evergreens by nature set, on which those songsters sign, And flowery aromatic groves, form an eternal Spring."

Note:  The above description came from the house's Facebook About page.


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