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Goldenberg Development gives the following descriptive information:

Goldenberg Development is one of the region’s most diverse development companies. With an exciting stable of residential and mixed-use projects that complement its commercial portfolio, we are able to create positive transformation through the projects we develop.

Since 1987, Goldenberg Development has built a reputation with the leading national retailers and banks as Greater Philadelphia’s top developer of open-air “power” shopping centers. We’ve created thousands of jobs, generated significant tax and sales revenues and improved local infrastructures. The Goldenberg Group now owns and manages over six million square feet of retail space and our tenant occupancy rate consistently exceeds 98%.

We have extended that reputation to high-end condominiums, custom homes, student housing and other exciting mixed-use projects. We have reclaimed and returned to productive use formerly blighted properties, several large “brownfields” and old industrial sites, all requiring significant interaction with local communities and state regulatory agencies.

While we are pleased by our progress to date, the future holds even more promise. The potential to achieve our goal of positively transforming the region through development projects and philanthropic endeavors has never been more attainable. With the Goldenberg Foundation serving as a unique platform from which to engage in community-focused activities that enhance our commitment to holistic development, we’re well on our way to building better communities and, ultimately, a brighter future.

Goldenberg Development is a division of The Goldenberg Group

Under the leadership of Ken Goldenberg, The Goldenberg Group does more than just real estate. We make a real difference in communities through our local and global philanthropy and development of new businesses.

Goldenberg Development is based in Blue Bell, PA.

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