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Great Philly Schools gives the following descriptive information:

GreatPhillySchools is presented through the collaboration of several nonprofit partners, led by the Philadelphia School Partnership.

In developing these free tools, we focused on what families want or need to know. Policy-makers and school leaders use all kinds of data in managing schools and systems. While much of this information is publicly available, it is often presented in confusing ways. We have simplified its presentation so that you can more easily research and compare schools.

The Website

The website contains program descriptions and contact information-- as well as performance data covering academics, safety and student engagement-- for more than 400 K-12 schools and 300 early childhood programs. You'll also find articles on the different types of schools and the factors families should consider when choosing one.

We also update our articles frequently, to deliver news and notify parents when new schools become available or the application process changes.

How to Use the Resources

The GreatPhillySchools numerical ratings can be used to identify schools that deserve a closer look. But before choosing to apply to a school, you should definitely take that closer look. Read all of the information presented here, then go visit or call the school to ask your own questions. Keep in mind that every student has different learning needs, so there is no one school that is best for every student.

Without question, Philadelphia needs more great school options. But it has many, and some are not enrolled to capacity. We hope GreatPhillySchools will help you find the best choice for your family.

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